TimeLimit is a unique, motivational exercise challenge designed to complement your current endurance training, fitness and fat-loss goals. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or you’re just starting out on your healthy lifestyle journey TimeLimit will make you go further than you ever thought possible.
Consisting of a series of time-limits, each representing a particular milestone in human endurance, simply walk, run or ride as far as you can in the allotted time and within your aerobic heart-rate zone and monitor your progress as you become the fittest, fastest, fat burning machine that you can be.

But TimeLimit is not just about motivation. Sometimes, we don’t always make it to the start line of that marathon or triathlon we have been training for because of illness, injury or the event is cancelled and all the hard work seems to be for nothing. By adding a TimeLimit challenge to your training you will still have something to train for and results to brag about to your friends.

If you want to run or bike as fast as you can – enter a race and train hard.

If you want to run or bike fast AND burn fat AND be fit AND healthy – enter some races, join a TimeLimit challenge, train smart and eat right.