Established in 2016, TEPHRAMIRIAM COMMUNICATIONS was founded on three cornerstones; Service, Education and Thought Leadership. TMC was so much more than just a business. It was and is the receptacle in which the organization serves its clients and community.

“Here at TMC we view communication as far more than just the written word, which is why our services offered are so diverse. It’s about communicating your vision and mission through the written word, imagery and media.”  - Tephra Miriam

TEPHRAMIRIAM Publishing launched its first official book in January 2018 and joined the ranks of indie publishers far and wide. As an Older Middle Grade/ YA hybrid, "Escape to Clown Town" was a work that was started by Tephra Miriam in 2015 and is the first book in its series. TM Publishing is disrupting the industry by producing highly creative titles that will mystify readers and take its audience on an epic adventure.

"I firmly believe that now is the time to expand how we think about the world and each other. Now is the time to be united as one. This is why I do what I do." - Tephra Miriam