The Brand

Tommywants™ gives children the opportunity to set sail on a lifelong voyage to the privileged life, where their passions become reality and the status quo sets with the sun.  To help them get there, Tommywants™ offers better fitting, coastal-inspired preppy clothes and accessories.  Because wherever the journey takes them, we want them to look good getting there.

Initially, Tommywants™ is launching its children’s line (for your little He-Crabs and She-Crabs).  The line consists of the company’s signature Sofshell Polo™ and belt.  The fit is slimmer than most; this is one of the areas where Tommywants™ really differentiates itself from everything else that’s out there.  The company’s polos are NOT generously cut; they are designed for a more fitted look. And the belts, made of brightly colored fabrics, really bring the look together.  It is Tommywants’ goal to grow the brand into a diverse lifestyle brand for children.


It is our mission to dress America’s youth today for tomorrow’s success.  Our clothing will be worn by children whose parents want to launch their kids on a lifelong voyage to success, however defined.  It is our hope that every child finds their way in life through the passionate pursuit of their identity and destiny on this earth, and that they will do it in Tommywants™ apparel.  So, get up, get your shell on, and swim against the tide!