“Ahlan wa sahlan” means “you are most welcome,” and it’s a greeting you will hear often as you travel Jordan. The Jordanian people are famous worldwide for their hospitality and they’re eager to share with you the many wonders their country holds.

Jordan is a young nation, founded after World War I. It is a constitutional monarchy with three separate branches of government and has had one of the most stable and one of the most open political regimes in the Middle East.

You’ll find it comfortably familiar, with modern cities and English widely spoken. Yet it’s also delightfully exotic, with scenes that range from robed Bedouins and Lawrence of Arabia-style sand dunes to the sparkling blue waters of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Jordan was once called “the largest museum on earth” for its rich cultural, historical and religious heritage and you’ll find many remains of Roman, Greek and Ottoman Turk occupations as well as powerful Biblical sites. And because of Jordan’s small size, any destination in the country can be reached in a day by road from the capital of Amman giving you easy access to the full scope of the country’s marvels.

To Petra and Beyond

The ancient Nabatean city of Petra, carved into rose-colored sandstone cliffs over two thousand years ago, is Jordan’s best-known landmark. But there is much else to see here too. Visit splendid Crusader castles, explore the impressive rock formations and wilderness of Wadi Rum or snorkel the coral reefs of the Red Sea.

For adventure lovers there’s horseback riding, 4×4 safaris, rock climbing, canyoneering and hiking. Wildlife enthusiasts will want to visit Dana Nature Reserve, home to many creatures including ibex, wolf, sandcat and mountain gazelle. If you’re looking for relaxation, the Dead Sea, one of the world’s first health resorts, offers many spa facilities.

Red Rock Tours offers a wide selection of one-day tours to single destinations as well as 6- to 15-day tour packages that take you to multiple sites of interest and include overnight accommodations. Our English-speaking drivers and guides are anxious to show you the natural wonders, historic sites and hospitality our country is famous for. Let us be your guide to our amazing country.