TREEM (True and Elegant Movement Stockholm AB) is a company registered in Sweden. We’re not just a jewellery brand; we’re creating a movement of true elegance. TREEM stands for True and Elegant Movement and is committed to offer sustainable jewellery, designed and handcrafted in Sweden. Our unique handmade bracelets stand out for their Raw Elegance that not only enhances the outer beauty of the wearer, but also makes him/her stronger from inside and more responsible for the world’s greater good. TREEM promotes values like sustainability, equality and fair working conditions in all aspects of our business, right from production and collaboration to marketing and shipping.

Based in Stockholm, we produce our bracelets using best-quality recycled gold, sterling silver, oxidised silver, and bronze. Our products cater to both men and women who are fashion-savvy, educated and ambitious as well as want to stand out from others and care about the environment and nature. TREEM aims to achieve happy and empowered customers through 100% customer satisfaction.

Our exclusive bracelet collections NORDEN (bangle bracelets breathing strength, determination and self-esteem), AURORA (single or double lap of chain bracelets named after the Northern Light), STARK (double-sided leather cord bracelets with the double-hammer design), FJORD (leather cord bracelets with the TREEM unique T-bar and hammer silhouette ring lock), and the all-new ARKTIK (bangle bracelets inspired by the polar regions that signify strength, freedom and balance).

With Carl-David Hagerbonn at the helm of business affairs, the company strives to positively disrupt the fashion industry and change the way it works, and create a different design and a strong story that leads to an improved individual and an improved world. We sell our products online via Treem.com and deliver products worldwide with a 90-day return/exchange policy in place. So, visit our website and take the first step to create a change by placing your order!