My name is Art , I am a freight agent with Trinity Logistics. Brokers bear the unfortunate reputation as superfluous profit eaters in the logistics world. At Trinity Logistics, we fully pledge ourselves to the promise that we are brokers the way brokers were meant to be. We are a liaison for carriers to the world of shippers. We do more than just point out the load and take a commission; we find the carriers  where you need them, going where you want to be, ensure communication is maintained throughout the transaction, and provide a full-service point of contact.Trinity Logistics is a company that offers a variety of services with competitive rates. We work with shippers, owner operators, fleet owners, driver for cargo,sprinter vans, straight trucks, flat beds, reefers,tractor trailers, and rail cars. We also have great competitive rates with common carriers.We offer LTI freight also, and with this LTL program we put the pricing of loads and rates at the CLICK of a button for the customer. What that means is this, Trinity Logistics has a system to where you as the customer has their own portal. With this portal you get to see and pick the cheapest rate that is best for your company. On this portal you will be able to see 10-13 different rates from different carriers. And you pick which one is the cheapest and best fit for your company. And for you the best thing about it, is that IT IS FREE OF CHARGE  service to you. You are probably saying WHAT…. Yup that’s right FREE. Our team in the LTL department will send you an email with training times to get you set up. In this session they will give you your password and log in information to get you into the system and show you how to navigate through the portal. The training session does not take very long approx 30-40 min. And once you get set up, you are set to book your own loads through LTL.. If this is something you would like to look into give me a call or email and I will get you set up..If you do not want to get set up to book your own LTL loads. Just give me a call at my office and I can do your LTL loads for you. And that will not be a problem either. I look forward to doing business with your company and providing you with the best service  in the transportation community. Thank you for your time and have a very Blessed Day.. We can quote, cover and track dedicated and ongoing shipments as well as time sensitive freight (expedited services) 24/7 dispatch coverage. Truckload (TL), and less than truckload (LTL), expedited and dedicated services in 50 states,Canada,and Mexico. If you have any other question you can give me a call or send a fax to the numbers below. I look forward to doing business with your company. (806)288-7697 FAX (806)288-7699