Shifting viewing habits calls for shifting analytics. As viewing behaviour has changed significantly with the explosive growth in connected devices and content made available online, so must pay-TV platforms and broadcasters adapt in order to understand their digital consumers.

TVbeat is a next generation TV analytics SaaS platform that bridges the gap between census based legacy TV measurement and analytics requirements in the digital age. We do this by partnering with pay-TV platforms and integrating with their back-end servers to collect subscriber interactions live and on a second-by-second basis, across any connected device. This data is then processed, analysed and presented in one intuitive and easy-to-understand web interface. TVbeat also aggregates viewing data from multiple pay-TV platforms per country, and provides this data as a supplement to the existing trading currencies - to broadcasters, content providers and advertisers alike.

With data on all aspects of content performance, including ratings, share of viewing and real subscriber numbers both live and on-demand, TVbeat enables pay-TV platforms and content providers to drill down and accurately compare channels and VOD/OTT in real-time.