TXS is the first organization in the country committed to providing Secure 24/7 Trailer Parking & Drop Yard Staging Services on a National Scale.

TXS provides a National Network of facilities which offer logistics companies, Intermodal Servers and "over-the-road"/"for-hire" carriers, a dependable, safe and driver friendly operation that is dedicated to supporting and servicing their needs anywhere in North America! Our emphasis is to assist in the prevention of cargo theft through the design of our facilities and operational protocols.

Our locations are within a 5 to 15 mile radius of 90 percent of the ALL the local Distribution Centers, Transportation Hubs and Corridors of the areas they serve. All of our Full Service Operations are committed to providing the services listed below.

TXS provides long-term storage solutions for large fleets of equipment with perimeter security, video surveillance and motion detector monitored sites 24/7.

Our Carrier Fleet Services can support any size fleet! Whether 600 or 6000 trailers, containers, or ancillary pieces of equipment; we can secure, store and support its function as required.

   Annual, month-to-month & daily rates available
   24/7 on-site, staffed security with 24/7 access
   24/7 Log-in, Log-out, Gate Record manifests
   Recorded HD digital video surveillance
   Outdoor security lighting
   24/7 hostler assisted staging
   Inventory control via daily fax, email or website to dispatch
   Dispatch controlled release protocols by email or fax for loaded trailers
   Secure document handling
   Assigned dedicated parking with No stacking delays
   Ability to exceed reserved spaces with daily rates
   No overflow refusals
   Secure temporary over-flow parking for local terminals high value cargo
   Trailer repair, tire service, trailer maintenance on site or on call
   Reefer fuel and temperature monitoring daily or as per request
   Coming Soon: Electric Guard Dog Perimeter Security System
   Coming soon: APU A/C plug-ins
   No public access allowed

If you don't find the Location you need, PLEASE CALL US.

We are experts at finding new locations for our transportation clients.

We are experts at assisting our clients in building out their national fleet presence. This service is free of charge.

If you are a Warehouse, Distribution Center, Truck Stop, Terminal or a Trucking Company with 24/7 access, and you have surplus unused tractor/trailer/container or chassis parking, Please Contact Us!
TXS is eager to welcome you to our Network!

We currently provide parking and secure container storage for virtually every major fleet in the Nation. We are experts at converting unused property into a secure revenue stream. TXS' Marketing Department will seek-out, negotiate, contract and finalize every aspect involved with finding reputable fleet tenants to sub-lease space or rent property by the "unit" or by the acre your unused industrial property. Whether on a month-to-month or even long term annual basis.

Call us, anytime 24/7. We always answer our phone!