Our goal at TXTin is simple: to bring the same success experienced by professional sports teams and Fortune 500 companies with text message marketing to the mainstream. Our mission is to deliver that same level of targeted advertising to small- and medium-sized businesses.

We created TXTin, employing a business model  that lets companies of all sizes benefit from the same technology previously available only to deep-pocket corporations. Using the combined 15 years of experience we gained during successful careers with wireless industry leaders such as Nokia, Motorola, and Verizon Wireless, we created TXTin to offer excellence in marketing campaign development, sales channel distribution, training, and customer service. The solution to an otherwise expensive endeavor lies in “shared short code”, which allows local businesses such as day spas, golf courses, and nightclubs to take advantage of the popularity of text messaging and complement an ad campaign with mobile marketing. But something remarkable happened. Business owners who used TXTin saw their mobile marketing become the most effective part of their campaign, drawing better results than print, radio, TV, direct mail and other format of advertising. Now, those traditional forms of marketing complement their mobile campaign!

First servicing businesses primarily in the San Diego area, TXTin is now used by companies nationwide. Our text message marketing platform’s capabilities, coupled with our hands-on customer service, our industry expertise, and our best-in-industry rates, make TXTin a mobile marketing experience that none of our competitors can match. Our passion is seeing you succeed. We’ve built our business to ensure that we’re equipped do whatever is necessary to help your business tell another mobile marketing success story. From campaign development to back-end technology, TXTin can help make your marketing initiative a successful one.