TYKE DANCE was founded by Brooklyn-based dancer and choreographer Sophie Sotsky in Brooklyn in 2011. Her work explores themes of exertion, exhaustion, error and effort in movement. TYKE has performed in a variety of venues around New York City and Brooklyn. Recently, Tyke Dance has experimented with several new technological tools, such as motion-tracking projected graphics in “Header Munging” (2014, https://vimeo.com/79614962) and GIF moving images in "Oozlum", a dance made entirely in twelve GIFs (2014 oozlum.com).

Sewing exertion, exhaustion, error and effort into the language of dance technique, TYKE DANCE aspires to present movement that neither relies on classical notions of technique and virtuosity nor relinquishes the primacy of physical challenge in dance performance.  

TYKE DANCE cultivates an animal and infantile movement vocabulary, and works closely with physical ordeal as a process for creating dance.