Chris Weir and Terry Baker combined their 20 years of experience in media and marketing and founded Tabor Consulting, LLC. Specializing in Audio, Video, and Website Production, Graphic Design, as well as Social Media Strategy and Management, Tabor is a full-service media marketing and production company.

Tabor Consulting, LLC uses the latest in technology and innovation to ensure our customers are always being provided the most relevant and effective strategies and services. We make fact based decisions derived from our extensive research and investigation model. We spend a great deal of time and energy understanding your vision and all the intricacies that are needed to make your vision a reality. Whether that is a church fund-raising effort, a marketing campaign, or a public relations effort, we work to ensure our solutions and strategies are distinctively yours and result in success.

We are not a template based company. You and your organization have unique and deliberate objectives, and we believe that you deserve a unique and deliberate approach to your vision. We use our own proprietary D3 Vision Based Planning© program to ensure that a strategy is custom designed for you, that the behaviors we recommend fit within your organization’s environment and structure, and that the results are exactly what you are looking for.

We also believe that you deserve more than just a written plan and a “good luck” from your consultant. That is why we have designed and worked in to our service model, the Tabor 360o Training Program©. In some organizations, your employees or volunteers will need to learn new skill sets or behavior patterns to help you reach your goals; because we are vested in your success, we will work with you and your team all the way through to completion.