Tac Wear™ / Tac Wear™ USA is a worldwide provider of clothing & tactical gear based in Toronto, Canada & Marietta, GA. Tac Wear™ works directly with our customers, from military and first responders to outdoors pro-sumers and sports professionals to design garments and gear that are built to work – built to last. Our goal is to have best in class apparel and performance products that our customers can depend upon.

Our commitment to the military, veteran, and first responder communities has never and will never waver, Our passion at Tac Wear™ is to serve those in uniform, which includes the first responders, and provide them the best in performance apparel and tactical gear. The best for the best.

For more information about Tac Wear™ and the best performance products on the market and technical specifications, visit www.tacwear.com

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