TakeCare's NannyTest online nanny personality and risk assessment helps parents screen potential caregivers in order to hire the best possible nanny, au pair or babysitter for their kids. NannyTest is unique in combining both risk assessment and personal traits assessment. The test provides better insights into the personality and traits of the nanny, and ensures we have done the best we can to leave our kids in good hands, as well as to protect our home and property.

Recruitment experts agree that the validity of interviews and reference checks is quite low, even when performed by professionals. Thus, many businesses (some 80% of the US Fortune 500 companies and 75% of the UK Times 100 companies) use pre-employment psychometric tests. If interviews and references are insufficient for businesses, are they enough for us parents?

TakeCare makes professional personality assessment tools easily accessible and affordable to all parents. Now you can use yourself the same psychological screening tools deployed by the largest organizations and rest assure that you have chosen the best nanny for your child.