Talaris Advisors is the new solution for drug development management. More than a traditional CRO, we act as a dedicated, on-demand, veteran management team, helping our customers to make sound decisions sooner, move forward more quickly and efficiently, mitigate risks across the board and enable the development and marketing of their drugs as quickly, safely and cost effectively as possible. We are a highly-experienced team of experts in drug, device and diagnostic development whose mission is to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies achieve their goals by providing a new model of development. With our deep expertise, exceptional insight, and clear focus, we deliver objective, strategic development programs that maximize value and deliver tangible results. Proficiency in developing drugs and getting them approved is our greatest strength. Our approach is aimed at reducing upfront investments, continuously evaluating options and alternatives and building sustainable competitive advantages. By deploying capital more efficiently and enabling timely, cost-effective development and investment decisions to accelerate milestones, we increase your probability of success and generate higher returns.

Our Expertise

Talaris Advisors is the one-stop solution for drug, diagnostic and device development worldwide bringing significant flexibility and efficiency to our clients through turn-key management solutions. Talaris’ expertise spans the entire development continuum.  Our team of drug development and healthcare professionals has all faced the daunting
task of getting a drug, diagnostic or device approved. Our experienced, highly  specialized advisors have worked in the areas of nonclinical development (proof-of concept, GLP studies, animal models), preclinical formulation, histopathology, clinical trial services (design, management & monitoring), regulatory submissions and communications, CMC manufacturing and strategic consulting in the drug  development process. During their notable careers, our management team is proud to have been involved in the successful development of more than 50 diagnostic and therapeutic products that are currently being marketed around the world.

Focus for Pharma & Biotech: On-Demand Leadership

Many organizations face capacity issues that stand in the way of pursuing promising projects. Talaris offers a better solution: turn-key drug development capacity delivered by a veteran team of expert managers. Our rapid-on/rapid-off approach to drug development allows you to immediately access the bandwidth and talent you
need to run your project, without having to create a stand-alone unit. We cover all the key functional disciplines required to help you realize your objectives. We help you overcome limitations in internal resources that prevent you from realizing your objectives and accelerate the creation of value from your projects.

Focus for Venture Capital Investors:  Not All Projects are Companies — Optimize Your Investment

The day has passed when investors can afford to build excess infrastructure, suffer the time and cost of assembling teams (and in many cases disassembling them), and incur delays in project progress that undermine optimal returns. Talaris’ unique drug
development approach provides you with expert management of your project delivered efficiently and effectively using veteran managers averaging over 25 years of experience each. We provide you with a turnkey model that allows you to hit the ground running. We integrate expertise in all critical-path disciplines. Our focus is on defining and achieving milestones that deliver maximum value to your project. We reduce or
eliminate the need for client infrastructure and work with an extensive network of subcontractors and collaborators that allow us to access the project-specific bandwidth you need. We add leverage to your investment and allow you to maximize your returns.