Talegent has built a new breed of assessment —employing next-generation technology and tools to meet the unique challenges of hiring in the digital age.

Predictive talent analytics is the practice of assessing potential candidates before they are hired in order to predict their expected workplace performance. Talegent’s unique, proprietary technology allows you to screen candidates on the two clusters of traits that research has proved are the most accurate predictors of job performance — cognitive ability and personality — so that you can identify the top candidates best suited to your organisational environment.

In the Internet-era business world, talent analytics are a necessity. All industries have seen a proliferation of the candidates who apply for positions, often facing hundreds applying for each job, and the majority of recruiters find the volume of applicants a challenge to process. Because of this massive influx of talent, it’s more difficult than ever to find and select the highest quality applicants, and many organisations have found themselves competing for these top individuals.

Predictive talent analytics removes this uncertainty by allowing you to identify the best based on scientifically validated measures. By using a variety of cutting-edge mechanisms including mobile applications, cloud data storage, video interviewing, and job simulation, you can get ahead of the competition and hire the best.