Greenstein-Shannon Management is a professional service engaged in advising and counseling creative talent, writers and personalities in every aspect of the entertainment industry. At Greenstein-Shannon we work closely with our clients in every facet of their career. We act in conjunction with our client's agents, publicists, business managers, attorneys and all others.

As an important member of a successful team, we function as a facilitator and a coordinator of the efforts and objectives of our clients entire team. We bring it all together and make our clients dreams and goals a reality. Whats your dream? 323.898.5350

You've heard it said countless times, "Its not what you know, its WHO you know." Our experience shows us both are true. As a part of our family, our clients are able to leverage the power of the relationships we have spent years developing. As either Los Angeles natives with countless connections at the studios, or as professionals with a proven track record of success, Greenstein-Shannon is able to gain exposure for our clients face to face with 'who we know." However, its because of "what we know", that adds weight and meaning to that exposure.

Some colleagues call our approach, "Old School". Some call it "traditional". We call it effective. In some arenas social media, mobile apps and tweets are the way to go. Even though "Hollywood" as a whole remains on the cutting edge of whats new and unique, we know that nothing beats the power of a personal relationship. Its within that framework the Greenstein-Shannon is able to get quality exposure for our clients. An introduction of material or talent by us has meaning. Information from the inside is vital to our focused methods of creating connections and thats where our relationships set us apart. We are known for knowing what will sell, who will buy it and when they are in the market.