TalentINC Canada was born out of the idea that the performing arts should be accessible to everyone. We specialize in training and marketing  performers of all ages and preparing them for both the artistic, and business sides of the entertainment industry.

Established in 2012 TalentINC has been a thriving success since 2001 in the United States. John Stevens, one of Toronto's most prominent acting coaches saw the opportuntiy to expand TalentINC's mission to Canada TalentINC believes that the performing arts should be accessible to all ages, all backgrounds, and to everyone regardless of skill level.

TalentINC Canada not only gives performers the tools necessary for their development but also the opportunity to network with agents, casting professionals, and filmmakers.

We also offer a free workshop for performers and parents that are new to the industry so they can learn about the industry before  investing time and resources. Something no other studio offers at the level we do.