Hidden safely away from the outside, troubled world, nestled beside a  babbling brook in a secluded valley surrounded by the wooded, hilly forests of eastern Appalachian Kentucky, there exists a spiritual and emotional place of contentment and tranquility – one that has steadfastly offered food, shelter, security and love to hundreds and hundreds of discarded, frightened animals over the course of the last 25 years – The Trixie Foundation’s 200 acre sanctuary,
Having worked to save the lives of unwanted, innocent, frightened dogs and cats for the past 25 years has truly been a labor of love.
The weather may be bitterly cold, scorching hot, drenching rain or the ground may be buried under a blanket of foot high snow – still, every single day, we get up and make sure the animals are safe, sound, fed and in good health.
The love that we receive in return for simply caring for them is only one of the many ‘perks’ of working and living with hundreds of thankful animals.
The Trixie Foundation
Post Office Box 1
Webbville, Kentucky 41180
Office: 606-738-4276
Fax: 606-738-4438