Someone who realises just how precious life is, is, Tammy Richie. Tammy was one of the lucky ones who fortunately had the skills to save her own son, when he drowned in their backyard pool at just 16 months of age!
She has now changed her career from an Aicraft Maintenance Engineer for 17 years to creating her Business First Aid YUCAN2 using her passion and skills she learnt to equip others in the event of an accident occurring. Her aim is to empower her clients to have the confidence to also save that life if required. This is achieved through her CPR/First Aid Training Program and Safety products.
Due to the success of her mission, she was proud to be nominated for several prestigious Awards, including the Pride of Australia in the category of “Courage” and is the proud Winner of the 2012 Entrepreneurial Mother’s Award by Women at Work International.
Her passion for saving lives and preventing unnecessary incidents from occurring is what inspired her to search for the best Safety products around the World.
Summer is on its way and “Evie” Inflatable rashies are a great idea to keep buoyant while swimming and protected from the sun at the same time!
“evie” Inflatable Rashie is the World’s first of its kind and is set to make a big difference! From swimming in the backyard pool, fishing with family, kayaking or canoeing with friends or just going to the beach, “Evie” the Sun Smart Inflatable Rashie is a must for sun and water safety protection! You just have to put in a couple of breaths into the internal bladder and let them play, providing peace of mind. This wonderful product keeps heads above water, preventing incidents from occurring.
The Inflatable, LIfe Saving Rash vest is available from www.h2hlifestyle.com
As we reside in and around the water, there is no better cure for drowns and near drowns, then prevention! Learn from Tammy's experience as she quotes, "I saved a Life, YUCAN2"