Do you need someone who can think outside the box and help you penetrate an audience and generate an influx of revenue with the incorporation of Social Media and an intensive web campaign, if so we are definitely the company for you!

Tiffany&Co. Marketing and Media is a public relations and marketing firm that specializes in online and social media marketing and strategic planning and implementation.  Our primary goal is to ensure that your vision becomes reality and exceeds your expectations by allowing exploring different avenues to get you the maximum exposure possible.

We are a well-rounded team with expertise ranging in areas of social media promotion, journalism and small business marketing. Our firm offers experience ranging from publicity, web design, social media management, professional entertainment journalism and news, to customer service, call center management/quality assurance, basic database management and generation and sales.

Most PR firms give you basic services such as media blasts and press releases, some even offer media training for an additional service fee, but at Tiffany&Co. Marketing and Media, we wrap multiple services in one bundle in support of pressing your vision forward.

Although we offer a wide arrange of services that advance your project, we also have affordable pricing that will fit into any budget. We offer various price plans to fit even the smallest business’ budget, with payment plans and accommodations that will assist you in launching your business on a grand scale without breaking the bank.