Tankel Law Group provides high quality cost effective legal representation to Condominium and Homeowner Associations throughout Florida. Headquartered in Dunedin, FL, the firm serves hundreds of associations primarily in the 7 county Tampa Bay area, as well as Northeast Florida. Mr. Tankel has been practicing in the field of law since 1982 and has written extensively on legal topics, taught continuing education to Community Association Managers (CAMS) and other lawyers.

The firm is proud to be Counselors at law, working with clients and CAMS to offer real world advice, taking a multidisciplinary approach to issues, including political science principles, public opinion, political turnout, psychology and other areas of behavior that influence decisions made by directors and CAMS. We look at "Black Letter Law" and combine it with "Street Law" to give clients options that other firms may miss by using fewer metrics for analysis.