TAR  KOVACS  SYSTEMS is a design office offering through original innovations a combination of clean technologies and renewable energy use that allows to far exceed all usual technical limits in off shore fields, in all kinds of tasks, at the surface, subsurface and ultra deep conditions. Autonomy of energy, full control, embarked loads, depth and self-recovering are not any more problems but solutions.
All applications based on TAR KOVACS SYSTEMS’s concepts are offering potentials, security and economical conditions that cannot be compared to date.
From the “Self-lifting oil riser” for unlimited depths to the self-diving and recovering platform, the autonomous oil slick cleaning up vessel-laboratory or the oil deep leak  catcher diving work site, our technology is always answering with potentials out of competition.
Tar Kovacs Systems technology allows new operations impossible to imagine to date, like heavy and long term full controlled ROV, free of any material links, with applications like clear water wells catchment and delivery vessel, working without pipes nor pumps, the industrial heavy lift-energiser-communicator module, able to install and control any ultra deep work sites, the self-itinerant wild fish farm, and many other applications.
Off shore renewable energy production by Tar Kovacs Systems is made of multi-power sources platforms with tens of embedded equipments units(specific wind turbines, tidal, voltaic, stream), totally free of foundations or anchors, totally self-protected in front of hurricanes, typhoons or giant waves, totally free of installation work.
Tar Kovacs Systems technology is proposing a new ship hull concept, available for all kind of ships, boats and vessels, available for used ships refurbishment. This concept is self-energized for long term, and its green renewable fuel is made by the sea itself.

For all of these new concepts, Tar Kovacs Systems is proposing a new concept of propelling, with very high efficiency, high power, totally well adapted to all uses as inland navigation, ocean liners, and deep submarine structures or drones.

A large part of these innovations are still confidential. Tar Kovacs Systems is working to find investors and industrial partners.
you will find an extra solution with TAR KOVACS SYSTEMS also in propellers and ship hulls.