POOCHIE KINGDOM INC. "Where Fashion Meets Purpose"
Haute-Couture Luxury Raincoats for the Decadent Pooch......

Montreal based company Poochie Kingdom Inc. is the new trendsetter in exclusive, haute-couture luxury raincoats for decadent pooches around the globe catering from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. All coats are designed, hand-made and manufactured locally embracing the multitude of talent from within.

What sets us apart from others in the industry is our “out of box creativity” putting-forward a variety of unique and innovative designs in exclusive limited editions distinguished by premium hand-selected fabrics with proven durability, bold color and pattern schemes, aesthetic trims and quality assurance. We offer customizable and made to measure packages allowing interchangeable designs and mixture of fabrics to cater to the demands of our retailers clients.

Our raincoats are more than just haute-couture fashion, they serve a purpose by offering protection from rain, snow, harsh elements and airborne irritants. Combining practical, trendy, comfort, warmth and elegance, guaranteed the doggies spotted wearing one of our luxury raincoats will be the next "eye-catcher" during their daily outings or a fantabulous red-carpet event.

About Us

Our inspiration for originating a specialty niche in classy protective coats for dogs began in 2007. Our golden retriever “Marley” suffered from an acute skin allergy that was provoked by his exposure to humidity, harsh weather elements, pollutants and other airborne irritants. In evident discomfort, Marley persistently pawed and scratched patches of his skin raw. He was still a good natured pet, but we had to keep him on specialized medication for most of his 12 years.
Other dog owners sympathized with Marley’s plight and we discovered that many had been grappling with similar problems plaguing their own pets. That prompted us to search for a long-term solution to the affliction, and we explored the concept of providing a water-resistant “prêt-à-porter” coat that would not only protect our canine friends but also make a bold and fun fashion statement.