Founded in 1989 in Montreal, Canada, Targray is a Renewable Commodities Company. It is a leading global supplier of biofuels, lithium-ion battery materials, solar silicon, and solar cell materials. Seeking to foster growth & innovation in the global renewables market, Targray maintains close ties with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, developers & global trade agencies worldwide.


Targray supplies Lithium-ion battery materials to battery manufacturers worldwide, supporting li-ion battery development and innovation with anode & cathode materials, separators, packaging materials, electrodes, electrolyte and battery-grade lithium. We accompany battery manufacturers and researchers through every stage of the product development cycle, from early innovation to large-scale production.


Targray has played an integral role in the rise of the photovoltaics industry since its inception. Our solar cell and PV materials, including solar silicon, solar wafers, solar ingots, polysilicon and aluminum & silver paste have been used to develop solar energy products worldwide for over a decade.


With sales in over 50 countries, including a large sales network in the US and Canada, the Biofuels division brings producers and customers together for their biodiesel, renewable fuel, LCFS and feedstock requirements – guaranteeing a consistent and reliable supply of clean fuel. Fully registered with the EPA, CARB, ISCC, and the NBB, Targray is one of the fastest-growing biodiesel suppliers in North America.