Tastea was born from the creative minds of founders Ted Vu and Scott Nguyen in a small garage in Garden Grove, CA. At the age of twenty-two, these two California State University, Fullerton students were armed with delicious recipes and a need to incite fun and excitement into the tea and boba industry.

In 2001, Tastea opened their first store in Orange County with all business earned on the reputation of their products and service alone. Today, Tastea has grown to 12 stores spanning throughout California, Texas, and Arizona and now proudly serves an astonishing 50,000 cups per week throughout all locations.

Tastea’s menu features freshly-brewed teas, made-to-order milk teas, artisan cold brew coffee drinks, and an array of creamy blended beverages.Tastea is dedicated to providing a fun and spectacular experience through quality products and service while introducing communities to Asian culture and traditions.