Tax Precision at www.taxprecision.com  is an international tax blog  where clients, professors and tax advisers have an equal say.

The forum is moderated by Fernando del Canto .

Fernando is an International Tax Barrister (UK) and Abogado (Spain) and he manages the blog to ensure compliance with professional  and OECD standards and recommendations.

In a complex multi-jurisdictional world, Taxprecision.com aims to move toward a common understanding on some of the main international tax topics.

From  US Attorneys or Certified Public Accountants to UK Barristers and Chartered Accountants; from the Spanish Abogados and Economistas to the German Rechtsamw√§lte and Steuerberater, we all use English to communicate with our international colleagues and clients.

You are welcome to read or contibute with your position on any international tax topic. We are starting with Anglo Spanish matters and will be moving on to other jurisdictions as issues arise.

You can contact me at Fernando@konsilia.es if any queries