Founded in 1973 in Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan by Y. P. Chen, Tayana Yachts are Taiwan’s premier builder of handcrafted, bespoke, semi-custom yachts offering the highest quality, performance and timeless design at an unrivalled cost.

One of the company’s top sellers, The Tayana 37, designed by Bob Perry was constructed and introduced in 1975, making it one of the most successful bespoke semi-custom cruising boats ever built. With a rich heritage in boat building, coupled with a reputation for handcrafting luxury yachts, the company is considered a leader in building custom interiors, and Tayana Yachts has continued to evolve to meet and exceed the expectations of their loyal clients.

Roger Goldsmith has joined Tayana Yachts (Hong Kong) Ltd as Managing Director and along with his staff now handles the worldwide sales of Tayana Yachts new range of Elegance Yachts, from a new sales office based at the Gold Coast Marina, Hong Kong.