TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt [TAMM] empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs through innovation and strategy by simply building branding and business via strategic advertising and sponsorship properties that develop more intimate relationships, leads, and repeat sales.

TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt is also the official marketing agency for the Urban Tech Fair, Images of the Motherland, BBS Value REWIND OutLoud(c) Tour, Live Fandom Media Network, 2012 LABBX (LA Black Book Expo) and Master Griot Publishing.

TaylorAdams Marketing & Mgmt's management division incorporates strategic marketing via event marketing customization in its talent's delivery. TAMM represents spoken word poet and youth advocate, Mrs. Betty's Son (aka Shyste) as well as promotes artists members of the BBS Value REWIND OutLoud(c) Tour and Master Griot / NBBTA Radio.

Why TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt? Why is TaylorAdams4Me? It’s simple. In this tough economy, your marketing dollars must be spent wisely, getting as much extended impact and direct contact with your target audience as possible. Let’s be honest. Those dollars need to convert to sales.

Four Step Service Delivery Process
1. Listening. We invest the time needed to learn in-depth about your project, your goals and key messages; identify additional opportunities; then choose the right approach

2. Strategy/Development. We develop a customized strategy based on what we learn in Step one, utilizing the best tactics that will fully leverage your campaign. We put together a comprehensive plan with a 360° view of your market and industry, and collaborate with you to refine the details.

3. Production. At this point, we make your ideas a reality and bring your project to life.

4. Execute: Publish. Distribute. Do

To empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. Through innovation and strategy, give entrepreneurs and small businesses a big business impact on a small business budget. In an effort to support building healthy functional communities, create innovative strategic collaboration between independent artists, businesses, and communities.