For insurance that combines the best products, the best service and the best price, look no further than Taylor Group of Companies. Since 1919, we have been protecting people’s homes, property, cars and businesses. With over 5,000 customers throughout Eastern Ontario, Taylor Group is a highly respected and deeply trusted company.

Our Mission-
 Our company is committed to offering our customers the best quality products, the best customer service and the best value for their insurance dollar.

Our Pledge
>To offer you personal and friendly service.
>To provide you with the best services and products from Canada’s leading and most reliable insurance companies.
>To present the best possible insurance packages at the most competitive prices.
>To listen to your concerns, understand your needs and respond to your insurance requirements quickly and efficiently.
>To provide you with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.
>To be your advocate when you require claims assistance.
>To appreciate your business and treat you with respect, gratitude and loyalty.
>To continuously learn about our industry and share that knowledge with you.
>To value our roots, take pride in yesterday’s success and meet tomorrow’s challenges.
>To strive to be progressive in our approach to business.

Our Company-
 Family-owned and operated, The Taylor Group of Companies is Ottawa’s finest insurance broker. Since our inception, members of Taylor Group have earned a reputation for superior service in providing insurance programs to individuals, families, businesses, employer groups and associations. Taylor Group strives to offer our customers the most comprehensive benefits available. Our innovative products are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Since 1919, Taylor Group has been providing quality automobile, property and commercial insurance to our customers. A wholely Canadian-owned company, we work in partnership with Canada’s leading insurers to make sure our products are tailored to our customers needs. Nobody offers specialized benefits to their customers like the Taylor Group of Companies.

 -Individuals and families benefit from our comprehensive home and auto insurance.
 -Employer Groups benefit from our competitive group insurance packages.
 -Business owners benefit from our solid commercial lines of insurance.

 Currently, we insure over 5,000 policyholders totalling over 8,000 policies throughout Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. With over 100 years of combined insurance experience, the Taylor Group of Companies is the umbrella name of two firms: Lester & McLennan Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Andrew G. McLennan Insurance Brokers Ltd.