The STTC specialises in providing Streetdance Teacher Training Programmes for those wanting to become certified Streetdance teachers.

On our Streetdance Teacher Training Course we will teach you everything you need to know to become an excellent streetdance teacher!
Why train with us?

The STTC is the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD to be training Streetdance teachers in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

We are also the only training provider that allows you to re-attend the Streetdtance Teacher Training Programme as many times as you like so you can continually develop


The atmosphere on the STTC Programme is guaranteed to be FUN, INFORMATIVE, FRIENDLY and SUPPORTIVE. So that everyone can achieve what they want and become a fabulous Streetdance teacher!

By completing a Streetdance Teacher Training Programme you are automatically considered for a job with our sister company Fresh Vibes (the national provider of Streetdance courses across the country)

The STTC’s Training Programme is an intensive programme; Attend and pass the training and be ready to teach streetdance straight away!

The STTC offers the fast track route to becoming a Streetdance teacher without compromising on quality and attention to detail!