The Real Water™ brand is owned by Affinitylifestyles.com, Inc., a Nevada corporation. Our headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a socially conscious company with the purpose of elevating our customer’s lifestyle with better health and nutrition by creating awareness and the use of our proprietary E2 Technology.  

Real Water's E2 Technology produces alkaline, antioxidant drinking water. E2 Technology is now available in a concentrate spray, making it easy for everyday use including travel, restaurants, cooking and even for your pets!

Real Water’s staff believes in this purpose and work hard every day to help our customers lead a better life with improved health. Nothing makes us happier than to hear about a positive and dramatic transformation in a customer’s health. So please, if you have a testimonial you would like to share, always know that we want to hear about it! Email your experiences to: Suzi@TeamGetReal.com