Our motto is, “Shoot zombies, not paper!”Our mission is to establish and advance the zombie apocalypse themed shooting match as a distinct sport of fun, imaginative and infinitely variable challenges.  The hallmarks of the ZSU match are:Highly realistic, life size reactive zombie targets that can only be “killed” with brain shots.Freestyle, often running & gunning, shooting stages allowing the participant to make his own tactical decisions.Three gun/four stage match format.  (ex.  Rifle-Pistol-Shotgun-Grenade)Creative scenarios that offer opportunities to earn extra points by completing mission objectives and using the information in the event storyline and real clues in the stages to guide their decisions during the course.   Shooters select their own unique post-apocalyptic persona, and register that name on our website.  They are encouraged to dress for the part of their zombie killer alter ego and participate in the match stages in that persona.   One of our shooters described these matches as, “live ammo role-playing”A secret, or sometimes not so secret, fascination with the entire zombie apocalypse genre combined with a love of shooting sports.Our vision is to create a world-wide network of members and affiliated clubs using a common set of rules, courses of fire and standardized targets as the basis for competition and comparative shooter ranking at local, regional and national matches.