TeaZa Energy is a healthy tobacco-free "dip alternative" used to curb & replace nicotine, tobacco, and vape use at any age. TeaZa was created by renowned wellness physician, Dr Brent Agin who is behind the national best sellers SuperFoods for Dummies & Healthy Aging for Dummies. TeaZa's product line up of delicious oral pouches includes Energy (caffeine); Chill (calming nutrients); and Hemp (infused) and recently launched smaller oral pouches. The smaller pouches will continue to sport the same eye-catching Pucks & Bags packaging, which includes 10 pouches per puck and 25 pouches per bag.
The formula in the TeaZa® proprietary blend provides a satisfying oral stimulation consumers crave when looking for tobacco alternatives. Ingredients like Green Tea Leaf, Rhodiola Root and Panax Ginseng Root are “what makes TeaZa® Healthy Dip so powerful especially, when combined with the Vitamins B3 and B5 in every pouch.  TeaZa® superior production in both paper and pouching machines deliver a stronger pouch with the same oral stimulation and penetrating flavor that has grown TeaZa® Nutrient Pouches to be Amazon's  #1 best seller in its category.
TeaZa Energy is more than "tobacco-free" dip, it's a dip alternative with healthy tea-based nutrients that can be swallowed (the pouch is bio-degradable) with no harmful additives.
TeaZa has been used by youth and college sports players who want to "ditch the spit cup" while enjoying the same oral stimulation from the addictive chewing tobacco products. For the young adults and athletes it's a healthy alternative not a 'gateway'.
TeaZa enjoys endorsements from professional sports icons David Wells (MLB) and NFL player Mike "A Train" Allstott (Tampa Bay) who are the brand's ambassadors.
TeaZa is tremendously successful as an e-commerce brand with a #1 category designation on Amazon since August 2021. TeaZa new sizes offer brick & mortar retailers a successful & high profit margin product at the front of the store when your tobacco & energy supplements are sold.