Why choose us?
Because our focus is on you.  We want a personal connection with you so you don't overspend on your computer.  With our personal contact at Newegg (computer retail store) we will make sure you get the best prices for your perfect computer budget and build, whether you're a Gamer, a Graphic Artist, or a Live Streamer in need of a powerful computer. We will chat and budget everything with you until you decide what you want and need.  When you email us, you can expect a personal response by the end of the day.

Our form of customer engagement and care is not found in the computer industry. We are here to provide only excellence for you.  Choose our small company if you want the best looking, longest lasting, smoothest running, most unique PC you've ever had.

You decide how much you want to spend, you decide on the parts and quality brand names, and we put it all together for you quickly.  Along with all the documentation you'll need including custom bench-marking.  Tech Breakdown is a small Chicago based company that has the best customer service in town.