David Maillie, a data scientist for a Fortune Global 250 company with over 500,000 employees worldwide, has created a video channel on YouTube (TechKnowHow) where he posts how to tutorials on all of the data science and analytics processes he uses with real world applications!  

The video channel contains hundreds of videos on everything from custom arima models and forecasting in R and RStudio to Power BI dashboards, Alteryx workflows, classification, clustering and so much more.  These processes are all actual business processes that David Maillie and his data science team use daily to obtain deep, interesting insights on customers and more.  There are currently over 100 videos and numerous playlists users can choose from and the best part is its 100% free!  Many of these processes have been found to be extremely accurate and are used in over 1,500 data science graduate schools as a part of their curriculum and by their students.  This list of schools includes MIT, Johns Hopkins University, NC State, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and more. Some, like the arima videos were found to be so novel and accurate that they are currently used by numerous government agencies and organizations to include the FBI, CIA, NSA and others. All of these same processes are available to everyone for free right on his YouTube channel!

David Maillie says the data science community has been great to him over the years and this is his way of giving back, "All of these processes we currently use in production.  These processes will get prospective data science applicants jobs and there is no need for an expensive boot camp or similar paid training.  It's all right here. Pick what you want to learn, get a dataset that you like and start creating cool projects. When you are done you can document it and use these projects to land your first data science job." Every video is a complete tutorial and shows all code, techniques, etc.

His most popular videos currently are:

1) How to make quick accurate forecasts with autoarima in r!

2) KMeans clustering part 1.

3) How to make world maps with Excel data and ggplot!

4) Sankey Diagram and customer migration made super easy in r!

5) How to make amazing 3D spinning scatter plots in r!

6) How to cluster your data in Power BI in seconds!

His YouTube channel can be found by searching for TechKnowHow with David Maillie.  Or by visiting this link: