Tech-Life’s award-winning products exist solely to enhance all our lives by starting with a deep understanding of our problems and frustrations and then applying our expertise to create solutions that can withstand our active-adventurous lives. Company motto is: Love to Play & Play Loud! Healthy doses of play time are essential to our growth as humans because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being needed to connect fully with each other. Why wouldn’t we do it as loud that technological innovation allows? Loud and crisp to us means vigorous, relentless, and unapologetic. We know how to make great speakers; our speakers help us play. We know you’ll love them too, so we say PLAY THEM LOUD!”
PM Holdings, Inc. Parent to Tech-Life™, a simple yet essential philosophy: Enhance life through innovation and stimulate productivity through functionality. We hail from Sunny San Diego, the craft brewery mecca, with beautiful beaches for miles, where adventurous lifestyles are embraced, and a music scene that just won't quit.  Music is at the heart of everyday life most places around the world but especially in America's Finest City. Everyone needs a portable speaker to bring their tunes with them on all their adventures. Before we started, a few types of speakers dominated the market for years but weren’t geared for the adventures of life. Portable, Stylish, Durable, Great Sounding speakers reasonably priced didn’t exist. So, we made our own.