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The Technology Profession
Through the publication of relevant articles, we hope to create a positive environment in which ideas are shared, questions are asked, and comments are made.  High-quality articles will be written by industry leaders with a focus on current issues in fields such as Application Development, Infrastructure and Operations, Management, Program and Project Management, and Security and Privacy.

Our authors and contributors have experience, knowledge, and leadership.  Through their insight and example, we hope to maintain a positive and professional exchange of information that keeps current with industry trends and applications.

The Technology Professional
Writing an article presents an opportunity for authors and contributors to showcase their knowledge, experience, and talent.  They can enhance their professional presence and increase their visibility by writing about best practices and trends.

We want TechnologyProfessional.Org to present an opportunity for authors and contributors to reach past the traditional CV or resume.  Our goal is to provide a positive environment for technology professionals to enhance their personal brands.