TechScholar is an industry leader in cloud-based learning technology. We create turnkey branded online training campuses for clients, and populate them with professionally-developed, customized Product Training Modules (PTMs).

These are based on the client’s existing source content and include the product information and selling concepts that customer sales representatives need to succeed.  

Once the campus is launched, TechScholar handles hosting, user enquiries, launch, promotional messages, promotion and rewards program, and user onboarding.

With TechScholar, customers can track all product training costs in a single budget line, and receive reports on training activities and performance that allow them to evaluate and validate their spend.

TechScholar, based in South Salem, NY, is the foremost online product sales training platform for geographically dispersed dealer/distributor sales reps. With 4,700 registered representatives from 770 different reseller organizations, the TechScholar application has provided over 441,150 hours of product sales training for many of the leading manufacturers in the office technology hardware and software space.