Techniblock Suncare UK is a small, family-run online business that specialises in providing very high quality sun protection products.  Launched in 2009, Techniblock Sun Spray is developed and manufactured in South Africa by a top class pharmaceutical company and is sold here in the UK exclusively by Techniblock Suncare.

Techniblock's formula is completely unique in that is does not contain oils or emulsifiers but instead delivers the ingredients that prevent burning in a clear ethanol spray that evaporates immediately on contact with the skin.

Techniblock Sun Spray is non-greasy, non-sticky, transparent and highly effective in protecting the skin against harmful and damaging UV rays.  Because it does not contain oils or emulsifiers, it will not block pores or irritate even the most sensitive skins prone to prickly heat.  It is very, very water resistant so one application will last several hours without the need to top up, which makes it affordable.   In addition, it comes in a sealed cannister that will not leak and that also has an indefinite shelf life, meaning no use-by date, and no waste.

It is very quick and easy to apply, does not need rubbing in and the spray will even work upside down.

It contains anti-oxidants and photo-stablilisers to boost performance and is fully compliant with EU legislation for sun protection products.

If you are looking for a fuss-free, high quality sun protection product that really works, Techniblock Sun Spray is the answer.