We provide beautiful, functional websites at very reasonable prices.  Because we are true developers with more than a decade of database experience, your site will fully utilize the power of the WordPress content management system, delivering dynamic content and increasing the conversion rate of visitors to customers.  We use best practices to ensure our sites are programmatically sound and maintainable, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your investment will continue to produce results in the future.
Using social media to expand the reach of your blog introduces your business to new potential customers in a way that is very much like a referral.  The likelihood that a referred candidate becomes a client (know as the conversion rate) is much higher that someone who stumbles across your business on their own.  That makes social media very important to building your client base.  However, there are many things to consider in social media‚ĶDo you have the right tone for your target audience?  Are your titles engaging, interesting, worthy of sharing and re-tweeting?
We can help guide you through the confusion, and streamline the process to make it more efficient.