Located in the Hollywood Hills of sunny Los Angeles, California, Teddie and Tash is the dream-child jewelry brand of mother-daughter team Teddie Tillett and GRL singer, Natasha Slayton.

Growing up, Teddie and Tash (Natasha) loved going to gem and jewelry shows and making jewelry together.  It was one of their favorite mother-daughter/best-friend bonding activities.  Sadly, last year Teddie suddenly passed away.  Natasha was devastatingly heartbroken and could barely pick up her broken pieces.  In the couple of years before Teddie passed, she had transformed Natasha’s old bedroom into her very own jewelry office and crafting studio.  When Natasha had the strength to revisit this bedroom in her old house, it was then that she found the inspiration and passion to continue creating jewelry in honor of her mom and their favorite past-time together.  

The pieces within the Teddie & Tash line consist of both modern trim/beads as well as re-imagined vintage & broken pieces into one-of-a-kind or other handcrafted jewelry that Natasha hopes everyone can love and cherish forever.

Some of the pieces created are one-of-a-kind and are as unique as the person who wears it, but EVERY single piece is made with love.