Teknomek Industries Ltd. was founded in 1987 to service the furniture and equipment needs of the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical and scientific research, veterinary and other sterile industries demanding the highest hygiene standards.  

Our focus has always been to put the needs of our customers first by providing high quality, innovative and cost-effective stainless steel solutions for their hygiene requirements. Our core focus on Customer needs has led us to develop a state-of-the-art manufacturing and design facility in East Anglia that offers the following benefits:


Our customers often require rapid delivery: lean manufacturing control has enabled us to develop a level of responsiveness that is unparalleled in the industry.  We are able to offer 24-hour delivery on 100s of stock items throughout mainland UK, and our trained sales staff are able to advise on lead times for non-stock, bespoke items.  Working alongside the Chamber of Commerce we are also able to export our goods worldwide.  Our website enables customers to view all products online, keep up to date on special offers and sign up to our eNewsletter.  Email service and online ordering facilities allow customers to order at their own convenience via a simple process.

Quality & Durability:

Our customers need our equipment to remain reliable and hygienic in the harshest of manufacturing environments.  Our products are therefore built to last, manufactured to our exacting standards from 304-quality stainless steel by our highly experienced engineers.  Our products require minimal maintenance, for which we offer advice and specialised cleaning products.


In the current economic environment, our customers need to demonstrate not only that they have bought the best quality, but also at the best price.  Our lean manufacturing enables us to focus on what's really important and deliver the right quality at the right price.

Custom-Made Design:

Our customers all have slightly different requirements, whether it is replacing furniture, adding new areas or total refurbishment.  Our sales staff will be on hand to discuss your requirements, and liaise directly with our in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) team using the latest technology from Solid Works to produce a cost-effective custom-made solution. We can turn around your designs in 10 working days, providing you give prompt approval.

Market Research:

The design excellence and market knowledge that comes with our established experience enables us to service a wide and growing range of industry sectors.  We have listed some below, but if your own does not appear, we are confident that we can meet your requirements.

Food Processing, Foodservice, Catering, Pharmaceutical, Cleanroom, Veterinary, Healthcare (including NHS), Meat Industry, Schools, Government Institutions, Agriculture, Dairy, Research Facilities, Construction / New Builds / Architecture, Bakery and Packaging.