Pressure and Force Measurement Systems for R&D, Testing, and Quality Assurance
Tekscan is the leading manufacturer of tactile pressure sensors and measurement systems. Our pressure mapping systems are used by product designers and test engineers throughout the research, design, testing, and manufacturing cycle to verify and enhance product performance. The informative data allows companies to save money in design, design verification, reengineering, and machine set-up costs.

Complete Pressure Measurement Solution
Each Tekscan pressure measurement system includes scanning electronics, software, and ultra-thin pressure sensors. Our highly qualified sales and engineering support team can assist you in selecting the optimal system and pressure sensors for your application (Tekscan’s patented pressure sensors do not work without Tekscan scanning electronics and software). Our pressure measurement systems are designed to let you add on various sensor models, software modules, and upgrade options as your needs evolve.

Pressure sensors with Proven Results
Using our high resolution, tactile pressure sensors and pressure measurement systems, customers around the globe are gaining insight into their static and dynamic pressure events. The flexibility of our pressure measurement systems allow for use in a multitude of industrial and research applications. Whatever your application is, Tekscan offers you a total solution. We design and manufacture the complete system and provide the support and training necessary to exceed your expectations.