TeleDirections is a strategic communications firm, specializing in content marketing, and focused on helping clients capitalize on their content and utilize public engagement and facilitation programs for complex business and public policy issues.  

TeleDirections was founded by Harvey Bennett, who has been in the communications business for more than 30 years, handling media and public relations, public affairs, marketing, and program development.  He has worked for radio and television stations, private business, statewide associations, and most recently for the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.  Harvey was a senior executive for more than a decade at Florida TaxWatch, the respected taxpayer research institute and state government watchdog. His primary role was to effectively communicate the impact public policies have on business and the economy.  He managed all communications and marketing, and later business development and the membership initiative.  He developed an annual program of dynamic regional briefings along with statewide community campaigns and forums on critical state issues.  These efforts achieved greater member engagement, media mentions, legislative awareness and action, and revenue.  

Harvey’s public policy development and implementation experience on tax, fiscal, insurance, business, and economic development matters includes testifying before the Florida Legislature and serving as a spokesperson.  

Along the way, he has cultivated valuable relationships with major business leaders, corporate and association executives, and leaders of governments, colleges, and community groups.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and certifications in public involvement and social media. On the web at www.TeleDirections.com