Telophase was destined to be more than a 90’s coffee shop idea to nurture the technology musings of its founders. With the advent of the Internet as the backdrop, Jamil Husain, Telophase’s CEO, assembled a motley crew of individuals: an eager web developer, a seasoned software architect, and an engaging high-performance data network manager from NASA. Together they aimed to put a humanist slant on corporate governance — informed by science and motivated by compassion.

Each week the team would meet at a public library and invite a guest participant for raw, unadulterated, and unfiltered discourse that included novel topics (for those times) like credit card transactions, virtual reality, Internet music, and distributed computing. With an infusion of ethos that technology was pervasive, and emerging innovations were inevitable life improvements, nothing could stop the crew.

In 2008, their core values provided the nudge to pivot towards a strategic vision for organic growth. With only two and half years remaining on Telophase’s 8(a) certification, the team landed the first, directly marketed 8(a) contract at NASA. Since then, what drives us continues to move the needle, and today we are fulfilling our earliest aspirations. Our engineers and technologists are performing breathtaking tasks with uncommon results for some of the nation’s leading agencies.

Cyber Defense
 Governance, Risk and Compliance
 Security Assessment and Authorization (FISMA)
 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
 Security Engineering and Management
 Security Training
 Threat Management and Incident Response
 Secure Application Development
 Critical Infrastructure and Control Systems Security

Space Systems Engineering
 Science Mission Software Development
 Design and Fabrication of Space Systems
 Operations, Maintenance, and Calibration of Scientific Test Equipment
 Test Facility Architecture
 Integrated Test Engineering (Thermal Vacuum, Acoustic, Vibration)

Data Science
 Big Data Analysis Enablement
 Data Warehousing
 Legacy Data Migration and Transformation
 Scientific Data Processing, Ingest, and Archive
 Models and Algorithm Development
 Predictive Analytics

Enterprise Technology Services
 Enterprise Archive Solution
 Cloud Integration
 Systems Design, Integration, and Migration
 Network Architecture and Design
 Systems Administration
 Data Center Operations
 Business Continuity Planning
 Scientific Software Development

Education and Public Outreach
 STEAM Education Programs
 Scientific Public Outreach
 Scientific and Technical Publications
 Internship Lifecycle Management
 Institutional Engagement