TendersPage is a public procurements monitoring service that helps you find new markets. Our goal is to collect public bids released from all over the world. It represents 20,000 business opportunities per day (bid, project and award notices) that translate into 9,000 billion US$ public purchasing per year or 15% of world GDP. We decided to create a search engine able to scan and store tens of thousands of public bids a day from every continent: America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania.

Thousands of companies are already satisfied! They find new markets in their own countries as well as abroad. TendersPage is the most comprehensive platform in the world to detect public procurements; within a few minutes you can easily create an account for free and find markets that suit you. TendersPage is an efficient and user-friendly platform. Once your search profile has been created with your keywords and geographical areas, you will receive the most recent opportunities matching your business needs. Pay only for bids you want the full access to.

We thought of all business sizes. Whatever they are, there is an answer for each of them! TendersPage helps you boost your company up. In order to expand, it always needs to get new bids... but this is not an easy task. Thanks to TendersPage, you will find new opportunities and always stay ahead of your competitors. It is a daily working tool with affordable and scalable prices.