The Right Experts, Anywhere in The World.

In 2002, after years working inside traditional consulting firms, Tenzing's founders saw the need for a new kind of firm. This need converged with the rising trend of highly-experienced independent experts who were joining the "gig economy." Tenzing's business is built to capture this value and deliver it to our clients with needs in Procurement, Supply Chain, and Operations.

While traditional firms offer smart, hard-working generalist consultants who follow methodologies. Tenzing Experts bring real-world experience and practical, proven approaches that have consistently delivered results in the field. That is why clients engage Tenzing as an alternative or complement to traditional consulting firms.

Tenzing is a team of senior Experts with backgrounds in Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations, that roll-up our sleeves and get our hands dirty working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients while transferring our know-how along the way.