Terik Hashmi is a business consultant serving businesses in the marketing realm. Among his clients are a medical service provider and an Online Reputation Management company. He previously published a book on successfully applying for jobs (published by TIA publishers, Germany, available on www.amazon.com). He holds two bachelor degrees in Political Science and in Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs (Miami University, Ohio), a Juris Doctor from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (Cleveland, Ohio), and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from McGeorge School of Law (Sacramento, California). He has assisted notable businesses and people, including former President of Venezuela, Carlos Andres Perez, to prevent his forced removal from the U.S. and potential execution at the hands of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. Terik Hashmi is a former Professional Basketball Player during the 1988-1989 season (European A League – “Club Centz” Luxembourg), where he had the opportunity to compete and travel throughout all European nations.