TerraGold Plus began on a quest for natural healing. Two native Chicago families migrated to Colorado to take advantage of the open space, bright sun and beautiful mountains.
Life threw us some curve balls like back pain from a car accident, an eye disease, and table saw accident to the hand (really, not kidding). We were frustrated with ineffective, expensive, and damaging traditional paths of modern medicine. We decided to make a change. Like many who live with chronic pain, we thought there has to be a better way.
These struggles began our search of becoming healthier through naturally derived hemp and herbal products, giving us a whole new outlook on life. We strongly believe that there is always a solution out there and that some of the best forms of healing can be found in nature.
This collective realizes we will struggle, adapt, and flourish throughout life and view these obstacles as an opportunity for growth, in life and in business. Join us on our movement towards optimal health and keep coming back as we share our stories of support, struggle, laughter, conquests, and life’s simple pleasures.
TerraGold Plus offers a wide variety of CBD products.  Our website (www.TerraGoldPlus.com) offers CBD oils, CBD soft gels, Transdermal patches, and body balm's.  We offer only the finest quality products that have been lab tested and certified.