IMAGINE what you could do if a parcel of land you were developing suddenly had an extra 5,000, 15,000 or even 50,000 square feet of UNDISCOVERED usable space. In a very real sense, that's what many commercial property developers achieve thanks to Terra Structures. From turning a steep hill into an aesthetically pleasing loading platform, to terracing steep land for landscaping and additional development, our experience and engineering expands your possibilities—and literally adds more usable space for you to work with. When Terra Structures designs and installs your mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) structure, the whole concept of a retaining wall takes on added value and dimension—literally. Adjacent properties, complex design features, and environmental or soil concerns are transformed from the perceived limitations of a project into fully-functional, highly-desirable solutions that offer greater and/or faster returns on your investment. The Terra difference is our customized, value engineered approach to your project. Terra specializes in providing value engineering and utilizing the latest technology to address the difficult commercial site problems where hills, slopes, cuts, fills, wetlands and additional space are critical elements in development. We do this with the best geotechnical engineering possible, National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) certified installers and a dedicated management team.

Our people and resources ensure your complete satisfaction
Terra Structures is a company of well-trained, experienced and dedicated individuals involved in the design and construction of MSE Structures and paver installation. Our focus is in the design and installation of commercial segmental block retaining walls, reinforced slopes, mechanically anchored structures and concrete paver installation. From initial evaluation to accurate project cost estimates… from field supervision and oversight to full-service project management and cost engineering... we make the entire process “one call” easy for you. We offer turnkey project evaluation, development and operations management. We know how important it is to keep your project moving – on time and within budget. That’s why, if special needs arise, our crews are trained to react quickly and provide clear information and answers you can rely on. As a trusted member of the H&K Group Family of Companies, our in-house capabilities provide all the services, resources and equipment necessary to complete your job. Whatever block design or wall system you specify – including custom block styles and colors – Terra Structures will get the job done right. We meet or exceed all job-site and personnel safety regulatory requirements and practices – including the latest industry standards and benchmarks. Our attention to safety and support services are unsurpassed, including:

On-site safety inspections for construction hazards, risks and exposures
Equipment and materials handling
Training and inspections
Mandatory regulatory practices meetings
We are committed to keeping your project moving – on time and on budget. We ensure a quick response and answers with on time engineering turnaround and engineering support throughout the design submittal and approval process.

Over 3 Million Square Feet and Counting
No project or engineering challenge is too large for Terra: Terra Structures is a leading installer of segmental retaining walls and direct anchor walls. In the past 10 years we have successfully installed over 3 million square feet of MSE structures throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Terra offers Value Engineered solutions that provide the highest quality results at highly competitive rates. Terra Structures is committed to ensuring quality. It is our trademark in the industry.

For all your development challenges, MSE structures and paver projects, make Terra Structures your first point-of-contact.
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